For 2017 I am challenging myself to take #100leapsoffaith because I want to be someone who always tries. Fear will not control me. It’s been said faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains, what more could happen if a group of spectacular people got together and took leaps of faith?! 

Whatever you’ve been avoiding, this is the year to face it. Repeat after me: I am capable. I am enough. I am loved. I am not alone. 

2017 is the year we say YES. 
2017 is the year we apply for __________. 
2017 is the year we go on that trip. 
2017 is the year we let people in. 
2017 is the year we approach our crush and ask them to coffee. 
2017 is the year we show up. 
2017 is the year we say "Let's try"  

I’ve learned in 2016 , accountability and community are essential to my success. There’s such beauty when people stop competing and start supporting one another. Let’s be a community who collaborates over competes. I've also made a private Facebook group for the ladies doing this challenge. However, leaps of faith can be really vulnerable so for the sake of sharing openly, I'm keeping it ladies only for now. I'd rather have smaller open and honest communities than a large community with less depth. If you're interested, Email me at sophkwok@gmail.com and I'll add you into the group! So far, we have 18 and counting people on board from all over the US! However, if you’d like to start a men’s or a separate group, please reach out I’d love to support you!  

Success is not that we achieved what we set out to do. Success is that fact that we tried.
— #100leapsoffaith

How to get started

My recommendation is to get a glass of wine or hot cocoa, light a candle, and answer these questions honestly. 

1. What has been holding you back? 
2. What terrifies you? 
3. What do you avoid?
4. What do you wish you could do? 
5. What areas of your life do you want to grow in? 
6. What change do you want to see in the world? 
7. What 5 -10 things are most important to you? 
8. What parts of you do you want to test?
9. What are you most proud of this last year?
10. What are you most disappointed in this last year? 


No. 1
Have fun.

No. 2
THERE ARE NO RULES... other than be kind and encouraging to each other :) This is your #100leapsoffaith, make it your own.  

How am I doing it?

After reflecting this year I uncovered the top 10 areas of my life I would like to grow in. Below I show a couple examples of leaps of faith I might take within Kindness. I have a running list in my journal but I’m also intentionally leaving room to fill in as the year evolves. Guess what? You don't need to have all 100 figured out right now. In fact, if you're a more spontaneous person take it day by day and when something scares you, talk yourself into doing it anyway. 

1. Kindness
    - Meet a physical need of a stranger in need. 
    - Volunteer or support the refugee crisis in some capacity
    - Do a friend a huge favor without them asking
    - Compliment a stranger
2. Adventure
3. Empowering Love
4. Relationships
5. Community
6. Writing
7. Business + Entrepreneurship
8. Create
9. Physical Health + Relationship with food
10. Public speaking or leading workshops

Document your journey! 

You don’t have to share everything or anything at all if you’re not comfortable. Taking leaps of faith is a vulnerable thing but know that whatever you share here in confidence will stay confidential. I do encourage you to document it some how whether its your own personal blog, a private instagram account, or in a physical journal. It’ll be awesome to be able to read through all of the stories at the end of the year. If you decide to share your stories, use #100leapsoffaith!


This goes without saying but let’s always approach each other in kindness, encouragement, community, accountability, and love. 

What can you expect from me?

I will be blogging once a month, you can sign up for the monthly newsletter below. 
I'm planning on posting stories from others who join me on this journey. You'll betcha there will be some hilarious, crazy, inspiring stories that come from this. For day to day updates, follow me on instagram

This is what has worked for me, feel free to copy or completely do your own thing! Please tag me on your posts with #100leapsoffaith or @sophie_kwok (instagram) I'd love to support and encourage you in your journey. 

Much Love, 

Soph <3 

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