Hi Friend! 

Thanks for taking time to check out my page! My name is Sophie I am a relationship enthusiast, entrepreneur, adventurer, researcher and designer. I've always had an innate desire to create and serve the people around me. Austin Center for Design is where I learned my method. My skills range wide from design research, visual design, interior design, interaction design, and user experience design. 

My passion is to empowering people to build strong and deep relationships. They are the best parts yet often over looked parts of our lives. My love for community runs deep and I'm always interested in fostering communities that evoke social change. The refugee crisis and fighting human trafficking are causes that I support whole heartedly. The medium might change, but my purpose of enriching lives remains. 

I'm currently working full time on Love Intently but am open to other collaborations as I see fit. Whatever your passion, business or dreams are, they're worth sharing and creating. I want to help you be the change you hope to see in the world. I'm an innate starter and executer, meaning if we decide to work together we will make something amazing to put into the world. 

Enough talking, let's connect and start making. 

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